Constant Contact – Save $300 on Setup

Looking into an online email list manager, which allowed me to upload an existing email list, I think my chosen service will be “Constant Contact”

The unpublished price list above 25,000 email addresses goes like this:

25,001 to 50,000 at an additional $100 per 25,000 records

25,000 increments to 150,000 and then 50,000 email address increments beyond 150,001 at $200 per 50,000 records.

If you are importing lists in excess of 25,000 email addresses (this is me) there is a standard one time $300 setup fee. This is sold as a “value added” service… I couldn’t make sense of the value, other than all the other things I could do with $300

So to circumvent the setup fee, just upload the first 20,000 records and then upload your remaining data.  $300 saved!

If you follow this link you get a 60 day trial and the very nice sales lady “Sarah” gets a signup to her name. I liked her, and since I just stiffed her for $300, she deserves it.

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