Comprehensive Google alerts – not so comprehensive

I use Google Alerts to track link building campaigns – since I’m only interested in links that have actually been indexed by Google (because if they aren’t indexed, how will they have any effect on my SEO campaigns?) I use comprehensive and live Google alerts to track those links as they are indexed.

But Google’s comprehensive alerts aren’t so comprehensive, as I’ve discovered. It seems only about 60% of pages that should trigger an alert, actually trigger an alert.

A tad frustration but really no big deal.

So the purpose of this blog post is two fold – first of all to share with you how I track link building campaigns with Google alerts, and secondly to point out that Comprehensive Google Alerts are not actually 100% comprehensive.

To get fully comprehensive lists of all indexed references to your trigger word (unique keyword you use to trigger google alerts) – try doing a search in google listing on results form the last 24 hours (or week, if you don’t check daily)

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