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Bill hicks says to his audience “By the way if anybody here is in Advertising or Marketing… Kill yourself!

Amusingly, retrospectively, Mark Attwood used to pull this anecdote out at the internet marketing seminars we did. Life can be so ironic… (Take note, this sentence is also here for SEO purposes… SEO Karma? Also amusing… and quite a cool concept…)

But I think we can do a bit of caring sharing internet marketing… and actually… to our benefit… Here’s three ways how…

Affiliate Links

Declare your affiliate links and provide an alternative non-affiliate link. – like I have in my Domain Samurai Review and DomainFace Review – (Take note, some more healthy on-page SEO with good internal linking…)

If anybody follows Jason Moffatt (and his (apparently not) self appointed alias “Profit Moffatt”), he actually inspired me to first start declaring my affiliate links and providing non-affiliate alternatives… He was just such a bloody rowdy salesman, and then he’d dump an affiliate link in your face…

And every single time I saw his affiliate links I thought “Right, so everything else Jason said, was bullshit… He’s just trying to earn a desperate buck.

I didn’t trust the things Jason Moffatt was telling me about, and actively distrusted them. If you don’t follow Jason, I won’t recommend him – his email subscription form is on his homepage

So from then on, I declared my affiliate links on my website, and I gave people the option to click on a non-affiliate link. I only write genuine reviews, and I would prefer people take me seriously than earn a buck. My integrity is worth more than any affiliate link.

Remember how I said caring sharing Internet Marketing works in our favour? (I hope this doesn’t cheapen the motives behind it, but here goes…)

400% increase in CTR, and then a further 400% increase in conversion to sales… 16X more sales…. by providing a non-affiliate link option!!! The boys at Market Samurai and Domain Samurai noticed a similar thing when they declared an affiliate link…

Guest Blog Posts

I wrote about guest blog posts literally half an hour ago … By letting people write guest blog posts on your site, in exchange for guest blog posts on thiers, you become the central hub and authority in your niche – read the guest blog post strategy here.

Do-Follow commenting

Since I’ve got nothing to lose by removing the no-follow attribute from comments on my blog – I’ve installed the do-follow plugin for wordpress. When you comment on my blog you receive link juice, and I receive a little bit of extra content. Further, I build a larger audience of repeat visitors because they are invested in my website. Cool…

Get the do-follow plugin for wordpress here.

There are ethical and moral ways to earn money online (notice I said “earn” – not “make”) – stop trying to screw people and be genuine! [Most] Humans are instinctively aware of deception and falsehoods.

8 thoughts on “Caring Sharing Internet Marketing

  1. I really like your style and approach to working online Vince.

    I’m curious – don’t you risk losing link-juice by using that plugin? Do you also use it on your keyword niche sites?

  2. Brilliant question… here’s an answer:

    The questions was: “don’t you risk losing link-juice by using that plugin? ”

    The Answer: No! Either the link juice goes to the commenter… or… nowhere!!! And whats the point in that?

    Nofollow = “poof…” Gone!

    Last PR Update my site was PR2 – I installed the do-follow plugin and this update my site is PR3… obviously not draining PR….

  3. Livingstone on

    God, I love Bill Hicks! I actually remember his marketing bit so well, I didn’t even play the video…

    I don’t currently market any affiliate links on my site or through my email list, but I really appreciate and enjoy “Profit Moffatt” and his marketing strategies. I’ve been subscribed to his emails for close to a year now. I have yet to be able to afford any of the products he promotes- which I AM interested in… I read the emails, dig his attitude and what I perceive as genuine sincerity. I click the links, check out the products to remain up to date on what “the boys” are putting out. One day soon, I’ll have the $ to buy some of these products. Until then, I’ll continue to open, read and enjoy PM’s emails, click on the blatant affiliate links… I also like his buddy Frank Kern. Never heard either one of ‘em talk bad anyone. Heard them talk GOOD about others… I’m not sensing what he says as “bullshit” and I’m not getting the impression of a “desperate buck.” Who knows? Maybe before I signed up on his list he WAS a jerk!? Maybe he saw that I signed up on his list and decided to be a cool guy? Maybe I’m an idiot and he’s got me wrapped around his finger! :-)

    I’m not looking for a cut of the publicity you’ll attract to your page by dissing JM, so I won’t market my site, which is just a blog that doesn’t sell anything anyway. Blogs amplify our voice in a way that we still can’t fully measure and I think we need to be careful when we press our opinions about others. I actually didn’t know your name until I heard about your slandering blog post. Perhaps it doesn’t matter to you, but it’s outside my personal integrity to subscribe to the information of someone that is drawing attention to their site by degrading others.

    Give care Bro,

  4. Hey Vince,

    I’ve read your comments regarding Jason Moffatt in this blog post, and I think you have definitely judged Jason too quickly and harshly.

    I’ve known Jason for a few years now, and I’ve bought some of his stuff and other products via his affiliate links.

    He definitely gives value to the IM space and the Internet in general.

    The impression you give of Jason, does not match what I (and thousands of others) know of Jason.

    Of course, you are entitled to your opinion :-)

    Jason’s style is raw, authentic, transparent and very genuine. He has learned from the BEST in both direct response and Internet Marketing. I know that for a fact.

    The tactic of sending blatant affiliate links, in my opinion has become (rightly so in my opinion) apart of “transparent marketing 101″.

    There is no mask and I’ve Jason say that if you buy through his link, he’ll get paid for it.

    Jason is a genuine salesperson both offline and online. Period. He loves the hustle, but who doesn’t if they’re an entrepreneur?

    I know from my experience that ALL the products he is been an affiliate for, are top quality products and will genuinely better the customers’ lives.

    Side note: Jason gets to see products from some of the top IMs before they’re released, so he can review them himself prior to marketing them as an affiliate.

    VERY smart strategy by Jason.

    But, if you can name one of the products you think that Jason has hustled that is pants, please let me know. I’d be keen to review.

    Anyway, I think both you and Jason can make good of this situation.

    I know what Gary Vaynerchuk would do ;-)
    He’d make a video today and tell his fan base exactly what had happened, and not hide.

    I hope this helps.



  5. It seems Jason took extreme dislike to my post – fair enough – its not kind about him.

    I haven’t followed Jason for two years or so – I’ve checked in rarely to see if anythings changed, but for the most part my opinion of Jason was formed in the years before he joined the internet marketing circle jerk.

    I remember one uStream cast where Jason was telling us how great Goji Berry Juice was… followed by an affiliate link to buy some… Sure, he said “this is an affiliate link” – but the recommendation just wasn’t genuine anymore.

    Apparently I am wrong about the origins of the nickname “Profit Moffatt” – apparently it wasn’t self appointed. I don’t think it really matters either way, but this seems to be a point Jason was especially angry about.

    However, my opinion of Jason has simply been fortified since his childish rant which included name calling and threats – not the best way to fortify your reputation. I’m not afraid to call people out, and I’m somewhat bemused by the over-reaction.

    Jason is a “love him or hate him” character – He’s had one positive influence in my life, and that is how I declare affiliate links and provide non-affiliate alternatives.

    Also – this post wasn’t about Jason, it simply included a segway into explaining a strategy.

  6. Vince said: “Also – this post wasn’t about Jason, it simply included a segway into explaining a strategy.”

    That’s kind of what I thought when I read this. I’m not a big fan of Jason’s either – I think he tries too hard to be another Frank Kern – but I do follow him in my Twitter stream. I saw his Tweet about your post and came here expecting a Salty Droid kind of thing.

    When I read through your post I thought “That’s it?” It wasn’t even the main point of your post, in my opinion.

    It seems that Jason has made a mountain out of a molehill here.

  7. Scotty A on

    Yeah I’m not a fan of Jason at all. He seems to be riding on the coattails of the “syndicate”, according to the Salty Droid Blog:

    According to him, J-Mo is affiliated with James Arthur Ray (the murderer). Yikes!

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