Bad SEO – Reposting your content

So many SEO’s talk about “article marketing” but there are far too many SEO’s committing SEO suicide under the label of “Article Marketing”.

Lets talk about EzineArticles and the Google “Farmer Update” (as it’s been coined) – the aim of the farmer update is to reduce the prevalence of low quality content in the serps. The result is that EzineArticles was hit with a 35% decrease in traffic 2 days after the update. It’s my belief that the problems for EzineArticles revolve around a lack of content exclusivity.

First of all EzineArticles allows publishers to re-post content on their own websites.

Secondly EzineArticles allowed (I’m not sure they still do) users to add content they’ve already posted elsewhere.

The result is that very few of the popular articles are exclusive to EzineArticles, So from a search engines perspective, EzineArticles is the epitome of reposted splog content. The fact that EzineArticles spends a lot of time and resources reviewing the content and ensuring it’s up to standard, and is often the original content source, means very little to a heartless spider.

The same goes for any other website – you need unique content and content exclusivity. If you have content on your “money site” (the one that earns you the income) it has to be 100% entirely unique. The stupidest thing you can do with your hard work and unique content is to spread it around.

If you have a blog on your website, or a mini article directory, or a resource base, or any content whatsoever… be extremely protective over that content. If you find other people duplicating your content make sure you take them down or if that’s not possible re-write it.

This is basic simple SEO and pure common sense. The importance of unique content is emphasized constantly. If anybody you employ is doing this, un-employ them pronto. If anybody you follow is recommending this, ignore his or her advice. If you are doing this… don’t do it again!

3 thoughts on “Bad SEO – Reposting your content

  1. It depends… If you are posterous-ing the content from your money site to other sites then no, that is bad and you are doing exactly the wrong thing. Posting references to the content is good, so adding to twitter and facebook. And if you are sending out information and articles to your network of sites which you aren’t also posting on your own site, that’s fine.

  2. Due to this google’s update article directories lost their SERPs. As far as I understand it affected the reputation of those directories. Is there any sense for using them for promoting my blogs, or is it too late?

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