A Wacky Weekend – The System UK Intensive in London

The System UK Intensive is a leading and prestigious internet marketing seminar which has been running reguluarly for YEARS. The man behind it is Ken McCarthy, also the man credited to holding the first ever internet marketing conference back in 1994

The weekend started in London, myself and compatriot Steve Wild decided it might be fun to navigate London simply by flipping a coin – heads left, tails right. Fortune favours the brave, and we ended up taking a nice tour of The Tower of London, and Tower Bridge

Vince, Posing on tower bridge

Summing up day one of the seminar:

  • Mark Attwood raised the roof in the first session leaving a few Americans unimpressed with the use of comedy (and profanity) but an absolute riot to watch.
  • A real treat, Drayton Bird gave us a great laugh with some great copywriting stories.
  • The “conversion rate experts” also gave a presentation on… guess what… CRO…

But as per usual, all the best stuff comes out in the bar…

Mark Attwood speaking with Maine Copywriter Julie Eason about facebook advertising with Drayton Bird relaxing in the background. Julies pen is the most incredible thing on the planet!

Over dinner Mark Attwood and Author of “Save The Pixel”, Ben Hunt, cleared the restaurant of patrons with their hilarious antics.

The “bromance” blossoms with the exchange of product – Mark with Ben’s “Save The Pixel” and Ben with Mark’s “Internet Marketing for Businesses with https://www.salesforce.com/products/guide/lead-gen/lead-nurturing/

Day two of the seminar:

Super Affiliates Ben Moskel and Greg Davis rained streams of sweet possibility sunshine on the audience with affiliate marketing strategy, and in Gregs case, absolutely stunning affiliate marketing super strategy.

It has to be said, Greg Davis has the single coolest business card on the planet.

Greg Davis (Super Affiliate Rockstar) has the audience upstanding.

The highlight of the day, it has to be said, was the presentation by Mark Attwood and Vince Samios on SEO:SEM4SME’s (essentially back linking) – referred to as “a great double act” we spoke on a high level about complex link building and link building strategy.

Well – it was my highlight at least!

I was humbled to speak at The System, a young bloke like me speaking at a major event like that, a truly exceptional opportunity. And while nervous for about three seconds, the audience was so receptive and fantastic that the whole 90 minutes flew by smoothly and I felt we really delivered one of the best SEO talks ever.

Mark to the right, Vince at the lectern. “Backbone Link Building” on the screen.

Towards the end of the event, one of the most useful sessions was “What is the one thing you are going to do next” – groups were formed and information flowed freely.

See that man sitting next to Mark – watch this space, that’s Robert Palinkas, he is a super star mega legend! The Hungarians will rule the world!

Faculty and friends went out for dinner afterwards at a fantastic Indian restaurant. I believe this was Ben Moskels first taste of Indian cuisine.

I also had a truly bizarre experience. There was one guy at the table I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting, so as the troops filtered off one by one I sat down and introduced myself.

Me: “Hi, we haven’t met yet, I’m Vince”
Him: “Hi Vince, I’m Mike”
Me: “What do you do Mike?”
Him: “Wordtracker!”

It was bloody Mike Mindel, a man I’ve known about for years and who I have great respect for. But I thought he was American, and really didn’t expect to randomly sit down beside him in an Indian restaurant. We had a fantastically geeky chat, and lets just say… Wordtracker is about to rock the internet marketing world…

A view down the dinner table – with characters such as Steve Wild, Mark Attwood, Ken McCarthy, Mike Mindel, Ben Hunt, Greg Davis and many others…

Most of the troops headed back to the hotel bar for cider and scotch (Lagavulin 16yrs is Amazing!)

Mark, Ken and Greg, and the accusatory finger “Mark, the profanity in your presentation was unnecessary” (That wasn’t the actual conversation, but it fits the photo.)

Bizarrely after the bar closed I ended up in Ken’s room until 1:45am talking about all things ranging from Jazz, to offline marketing for online business, to rosemary as a herb. A really really great guy!

One final thought. What is the difference between average people and successful people? IMHO: Average people dream in their sleep, successful people dream in reality.

Mark Attwood live blogged about The System event. Follow the link for his summary.

2 thoughts on “A Wacky Weekend – The System UK Intensive in London

  1. I really wish I could have been there. Not only to heckle you Vince, but for the great opportunities to meet people. Not enough of the same in Sydney :/

  2. At the risk of looking bromantic, this is a really cool blog entry Vince. It’s nice seeing things through your spectacles, and thanks for your input. I never had a doubt you could deliver so well on stage: that’s why I put you there!

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