50 High Page Rank Article Directories

Here’s a list of 50 high PR article directories.

1: ezinearticles.com 6
2: goarticles.com 6
3: helium.com 6
4: isnare.com 6
5: articlesbase.com 5
6: buzzle.com 5
7: articlealley.com 5
8: articlesnatch.com 5
9: articledashboard.com 5
10: a1articles.com 5

11: articlecity.com 5
12: site-reference.com 5
13: articlepool.com 5
14: searchwarp.com 4
15: submityourarticle.com/articles/ 4
16: abcarticledirectory.com 4
17: articlesfactory.com 4
18: free-articles-zone.com 4
19: articlemonkeys.com 4
20: articleblotter.com 4
21: articleslash.net 4
22: ideamarketers.com 3
23: articlerich.com 3
24: sooperarticles.com 3
25: web-source.net 3
26: 365articles.com 3
27: article-buzz.com 3
28: articlecompilation.com 3
29: articlewarehouse.com 3
30: upublish.info 3
31: thecontentcorner.com 3
32: ultimatearticledirectory.com 3
33: affsphere.com 3
34: internethomebusinessarticles.com 3
35: discoveryarticles.com 3
36: articles.everyquery.com 3
37: article99.com 3
38: amazines.com 2
39: e-articles.info 2
40: articlegallery.net 2
41: articlestars.com 1
42: articlecell.com 1
43: articlecube.com 0
44: articlemaniac.com 0
45: articlebliss.com 0
46: acmearticles.com 0
47: dime-co.com/articles.shtml 0
48: articlegarden.com 0
49: articlewheel.com 0
50: excellentguide.com/article/ 0


8 thoughts on “50 High Page Rank Article Directories

  1. The trouble is, most of the inner pages where your url would sit are on 0PR which isn’t so helpful as it initially sounds. And how can the last few in your list (1PR and 0PR) be high PR directories? Maybe you should have done a top 20 ;)


  2. You could focus on the top 20 if you wanted, but I’ve found that it’s more important to have as many different source websites as possible than high page rank links. Over time your profile on each of the sites will build page rank, and your article in turn will also build page rank. I’ve got numerous PR5 article directory profiles and also a couple of PR5 articles.

  3. I prefer using only top 5-10 article directories instead of 50 or more content sites with lower pagerank.

    It saves me a lot of time and I focus on writing more and more articles every single day.

  4. just to let you know that #34 appears to be hosting malware and #36 is offline…

    I’m going through all 50 of them to see which ones enforce a “nofollow” policy or prohibit the posting of links at all. Posting links (for them that don’t know) is an easy way to get inbound links with relatively high levels of Google Juice. “nofollow” links are less useful because Google ignores them on purpose. If you aren’t allowed to link out then the article directory isn’t much use for SEO. Other than signing up to the article directory and trying to submit a link, how can you tell that they don’t allow links? Simple – look in their internet marketing section. Everyone who posts in here is trying to pump their internet marketing / affiliate marketing / whatever marketing business and if they can then of course they will post as many affiliate links as they possibly can. If you see internet marketing articles without links then you can be fairly sure that they aren’t there because they aren’t allowed to put them in.

  5. Vincent on

    The warrior forum for internet marketers recommends ezinearticles exclusively. Ive personally used both go articles and ezine, but guys make sure you understand what no follow means! Youd be surprised how many people dont know about that :(

  6. umesh on

    i submited my articles all these high pr directories. i gives me a lot of traffic benefits.
    my back links are also increses.
    thank u for this information.

  7. There is also Marketing51.com – PR4 site with lots of cats and fairly easy to get into. I added it to my Article Marketing Robot list and after 10+ projects it hasn’t failed but once.

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