12 SEO Firefox Extensions – SEO Tools

The first in a series of posts about SEO tools, first of all 12 SEO tools for firefox.

SEO for firefox

Absolutely critical SEO tool which loads important metrics in your browser as you search. SEO For Firefox can automatically load metrics such as Page Rank, Backlink Counts, Domain Age and Alexa Rank in your browser as you view the SERPS (along with many others)

SEO For Firefox also includes a neat little tool called “SEO X-Ray” which can show you various details about the page you are viewing, including internal and external links on that page, as well as meta descriptions and meta titles.

Another Critial part of the SEO for Firefox tool is the automatic no-follow highlighting, which I always have turned on. This allows you to view web pages with more clarity and instantly spot potential holes.

I would say this is one of those absolute must have seo tools and seems to always appear at the very top of any seo tools list.

Get it here

Search status

A very useful suite of small seo tools which sit in your firefox status bar ready to be used when you need them. The parts of this tool I use most are the “Whois” lookup, “Show Keyword Density” and “Show Robots.txt”. All very self-explanatory. In addition I also use the “Show other domains on this IP” option quite often to spy on competitors.

Get it here

Rank Checker

Not the best rank checking tool on the planet, but quick and easy to use. Checks a list of up to 100 keywords and store historical rankings. Not very pretty, but I still use it every day.

Get it here

SEO Quake

Just a bigger more bloated version of SEO for firefox. It shows you all the same data, and it does show you more data on the page you are viewing (to get the same data you’d have to do a google searh with the seo tool for firefox) but seo for firefox and seo quake don’t play well together and I personally prefer seo for firefox. I’ve also found I get banned rather quickly using SEO Quake because of the sheer volume of requests it ends up sending out.

I also don’t need pretty pictures, which SEO Quake has.

Get it here

Google Toolbar

There is very little reason to add the google toolbar. If you are running firefox you’ve already got a search box in the browser, and if you’ve got the other, better, seo tools installed, it won’t give you any extra data.

Get it here

User Agent Switcher

Vaguely useful once in a while. I find the best use for this firefox tool is to view contents on a page which require a login, but which will present all the data to a google spider.

Have you ever seen exactly what you were looking for in a meta description but you aren’t actually able to view the article once you click through? Set your user agent to the google spider and you’re in!

It can also be useful for more shading (black hat) seo.

Get it here

Fire Bug

Finding, browsing, fixing, modifying and checking code is incredibly easy with the fire bug plugin for firefox. While it isn’t, strictly speaking an seo tool, fire bug is absolutely one of the most useful tools I’ve got.

It has to be seen to be believed, but if you ever want to see code attributed to a particular object, fire bug will change your life. It’s also incredibly easy to make livee changes to a page design or layout without having to dig up ftp details, dreamweaver, and the other half of your brain.

True SEO’s understand the deep dark depths of html, javascript and css. Firebug is a fantastic firefox plugin code viewer which allows you to make dynamic changes to a page on the fly and experiment with layouts, scripts and css.

I use firebug quite often when I want to add weight to an on-page element (a good example is using a heading tag) but I first want to experiment with the way the results will look.

I can fix styling’s in CSS very quickly and I don’t need to upload multiple copies of changes before I get things right.

A must have for a serious SEO geek.

Get it here

Web Developer

Also a fairly useful tool which allows you to see a lot more of the back side of a website. In my opinion Web Developer is beaten to the finish line by Fire Bug hands down.

Get it here

Live HTTP Headers

While a bit more of a technical tool, live http headers can show you a lot of the session data transacting between yourself and a website. Some of the most important data from a seo tools perspective is the ability to see referrers and track through redirects. It’s worth having, but I only use it rarely.

Get it here

Google Global

Want to find out what the SEO results look like for a particular keyphrase in a particular country? Google Global is the seo tool for you.

Personally I just type in the country specific tld and be done with it, but I have needed to use Google Global in the past on a windows machine which was very persistent about the localized results it was showing me.

Get it here


KGen will create a list of the most common terms on a web page (keyword and keyphrase density) and show you a nice neat list inline in the browser.
Personally I just use the Search Status keyword density tool.

Get it here

Wordtracker Free Keywords

Very useful when writing a blog post, the wordtracker free keywords firefox extension is a keyword suggestion tool inline in the browser.

Get it here (Currently under maintenance)


Thanks to a comment below, this useful firefox extension will show a flag in the address bar showing the geographic location of the server. Nice little feature to have.

Get it here

3 thoughts on “12 SEO Firefox Extensions – SEO Tools

  1. Nice list, appreciate it! For firefox, don’t forget FlagFox and Rank Checker. For Chrome the SEO Site Tools is powerful and fast.

  2. hm… pretty nice list, but why isn’t the SEOMOZ plugin listed here? Come on, is one of the best plugins. I can’t imagine living without it:D really. maybe you can rewrite this article and call it best 13 firefox plugins

  3. I used to use SEO Quake, but have recently changed to SEO Firefox since it is much faster and less bloated. FlagFox is the only tool I don’t have. Thanks for that

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