Buckminster Fuller – Everything I know

Buckminster Fuller described himself as a Comprehensive Anticapitory Design Scientist – In the 70′s Buckminster Fuller was working towards abundance rather than scarcity on the basis of more efficient use of resources.

dymaxion-car-buckminster-fullerIn 1933 Buckminster Fuller designed a car called the “Dymaxion” car which had an astounding fuel efficient (for the time) of 30 miles per gallon, transporting 11 people, and reaching up to 120 miles per hour. On top of that it was very maneuverable could turn in its own length.

Buckminster Fuller is perhaps best known for designing the Geodesic Dome, an extremely strong dome structure constructed from triangles formed into pentagons and hexagons. Geodesic domes are self supporting as well as extremely resource and energy efficient. The Geodesic Dome structure was used to construct the massive greenhouses at The Eden Project in Cornwall, which I recently had the extreme pleasure of visiting.
He also developed the word “Synergy” into what it means today, concurrently coining the term Synergetics.

As you’ll hear in the first of 159 videos, spanning 40 hours and titled “Buckminster Fuller, Everything I know” one of his favourite and most famous quotes is “All humanity is born naked, absolutely helpless, and absolutely ignorant.”

The first of the “Buckminster Fuller, Everything I know” series is found below:

Buckminster Fuller, Everything I know, Part 1 of 159

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