May 2012 – Garden Update

I over-wintered a tomato plant which gave ripe tomatoes on january 13th, and I started most seeds on January 2nd. This is a slideshow of progress from that day, to today (May 1st) – My garden is waaay ahead, most people haven’t event started theirs yet, so I’m hoping to have a very productive year in 2012. This garden update features some more interesting plants like the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T chillies, and Chocolate Naga chillies. I’ve also got two heirloom tomato varieties – the black truffle, and the purple cherokee. I also have a Daikon Radish (chinese radish) which is growing fantastically in a pot, along side some florence fennel (bulb fennel) – other plants include aubergine, cucumber plant, courgette, and some other interesting plants (white habanero etc).

The plants were started under grow lights, the neighbours think I’m growing drugs. The lights are 125w compact fluorescent (CFL) in the daylight 5500k spectrum (fantastic results btw) – I also used a heated propagator.

I’m growing most things in pots, with only some more daikon, florence fennel and carrots (5 varieties) planted in soil. We’ve also got loads and loads of strawberries in pots too.

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