The Google Backwards Slap


There’s been a big hoorah about a recent Google algorithm update that “impacts 11.8% of queries” and supposedly reduces the prevalence of splogs in serps… Yeah um… not so much… While some sites that do their best to only include Read more ›

Project Free Page Rank


I’ve been watching my page rank keenly for quite a few years now… it’s part of being an internet marketing geek. The way page rank is distributed and awarded has changed massively in the past two years. I used to Read more ›

Domain Expiration and SEO – Matt Cutts Dodges and Weaves


Another “Dissect the language of Google SEO videos” The question being basically “is there a penalty if your domain has less than a year left until expiration?” Matt Cutts said definitively “No, we don’t have a spam trigger for domains Read more ›

Google Meta Descriptions & SEO – Reading Between the Lines


Check out this video from Maile Ohye of Google Webmaster Help: At 3:24 Maile is talking about improving the SEO of a website for the keyword “Android tshirt” – she mentions that she would improve the Meta Description an indented Read more ›